3 items to prolong the life of your minimalist wardrobe

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As much as we love sustainable brands that make concrete efforts to reduce their environmental impact, like leggings made from water bottles or these eco-friendly swimsuits, let’s face it: the most effective way to reduce your footprint is to make what you have last. plus. . For clothes, this means storing, stacking, washing and drying clothes carefully. Extend the life of sweaters, not your shoulders.

Stylist and mindfulness mentor Christina Mychas built her platform around her journey from shopaholic to minimalist. In a recent Reel that highlights how to be more intentional with fewer items, she shared a few tricks for taking care of your closet.

She recommends a steamer for ironing and refreshing, velvet hangers to prevent pulling or tearing, fabric razors to prevent pilling, as well as helpful storage strategies. For example, hanging t-shirts low instead of by the neck will prevent them from stretching, and you should forever fold your sweaters.

His advice is sound, especially for those whose sustainability journey might require owning fewer investment pieces in the style of a capsule wardrobe rather than a more traditional wardrobe.

Whether it’s to repair a complicated fabric, a small tear (repair, not replace!), or simply freshen up an item that looks worn from use, these products are one-time purchases that can dramatically reduce your overall consumption.

3 garments that will help you keep your favorite clothes forever (or for as long as possible)

a handy steamer

Hello, life

HiLife Steamer — $25.00

This traditional steamer will be your new best friend if you always end up with wrinkles after washing. This powerful compact vaporizer from Amazon has over 50,000 positive reviews, with customers praising how quickly it heats up and “surprisingly good” build quality for the price.


The Nori Press — $120.00

Inspired by the wisdom of a girl forged in the bedroom, a summer dress and a hair straightener, the Nori Press is an innovative steam iron that combines the best of straighteners and steamers. Stylish, efficient, and travel-friendly, the Nori Press has six different settings for polyester, silk, wool, cotton, denim, and linen. No wonder it has become a go-to for fashion bloggers and influencers alike; I love that it fits in my carry-on, and it’s so fast that it makes all my wrinkles go away easily in five minutes.

velvet hangers

velvet hangers

Amazon Basics Non-Slip Velvet Slim Hangers — $28.00

My family loves velvet hangers, and professional home organizers love how they can give any closet a polished look to match. As an alternative to plastic or wire, velvet hangers’ soft coated edges reduce friction that could otherwise stretch, tear, or damage clothing over time and use. As far as cheats go, this one is easy! Buy a huge case to swap everything in at once, or go item by item as you take out and replace parts to use. These from Amazon are cheap and have ratings of 154.00 (and an impressive 4.8 stars).

a cloth razor

cloth shaver

Beautural Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover — $10.00

Pilling can make your sweaters look worn and worn, even if you bought them last season! Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: this affordable, compact cloth shaving device. You run this lint remover under the top of any fabric and its blades pick up lint, threads or puffs. Bonus: You can also use it to smooth out your sofa. This version works at two speeds, comes with replacement blades and a safety lock, and has over 50,000 five-star reviews.


Steamery Pilo No. 2 Fabric Shaver — $70.00

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that’s so stylish it looks like one of those speakers that blends in with the house, this one was made for you. Steamery’s Pilo No. 2 Fabric Shaver is cordless and works hard and fast to remove pilling from clothes, even the most delicate cashmere sweaters. Cousin? You can use it while it’s charging (you know, for those last-minute emergency situations, you know).

Bonus: a rack to dry clothes

clothes line

Honey-Can-Do Wooden Clothes Drying Rack — $40.00

I know. We said three things. We lie. While this wasn’t on Christina’s list, we wanted to emphasize this: Of everything you do, your dryer damages your clothes the most. (Um, who else has accidentally shrunk her favorite blouse?) Say goodbye to shrunken garments, warped elastic, and scratchy texture. Instead, consider air drying more and think about how much energy you’ll save. We love this rack for air drying. It’s sturdy, reliable and folds up neatly after use.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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