5 Closet Cleaning Tips From An Aura Reader

CPeeking into your closet can be one of the most daunting tasks, especially when we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. There are so many things and so little time, and it’s the last thing anyone can think about. Fortunately, there is a way to make this activity bring more joy to your life. Y promote a better idea of ​​wellness at the same time.

Susanna Merrick of Aura Wear NYC is an intuitive stylist who dresses people based on their auras, and one of her most requested services is cleaning out her closet. Unlike a typical cleaning expert, Merrick approaches the idea of ​​cleaning her closet by addressing how it relates to self and color.

Everyone has an aura, which is an energy field that can be read and translated into your emotional and physical state. Auras are usually correlated to different colors; for example, joy is often associated with a yellow aura. Merrick begins by reading the client’s aura and then digs deeper into the colors, silhouettes and styles that work best to promote and heal his own aura. Unsurprisingly, color is of the utmost importance to her: “Color affects us consciously and subconsciously,” he explains. “When clients are repulsed by certain colors, it usually means they have a block around what aligns with that energy in their life. For example, if you can’t stand to see orange, you may be struggling to get out of your comfort zone or struggling to take chances in your love life or career.”

“Depending on your essence and energy, there are styles that are always going to be better than others,” he explains, about his creative process. “This, however, is incredibly personal. We all have our own ‘style code’ and just like a fingerprint, your aura will never be exactly the same as your neighbor’s, nor will it be the same in all seasons.”

Here, Merrick shares some tips for upgrading your wardrobe and how you can learn more about yourself and your aura through color and style in these trying times:

5 Tips for Decluttering Your Closet, According to an Aura Reader

1. Focus on what you love

Merrick suggests pulling out a few pieces from your closet that you love. Whether they have a special story behind them or the color appeals to you, select them and set them aside.

“Meditate on these stories, write them in a journal,” she says. “Then make sure they go through the checklist: they still fit, they’re not badly damaged, and they’re pieces you keep rotating. If they are not on this list, be sure to take care accordingly.”

2. Pay attention to specific colors

When Merrick is giving a reading or cleaning out the closet in person, she likes to focus on colors based on each person’s aura. However, there are also specific colors that work for everyone, especially at times like these. Focus on keeping those colors close.

“Right now, shades of blue, green and yellow are really supportive,” he explains. “Blue calms the nervous system, green reminds us of nature and motivates us to do a little cleaning (think type A energy), and yellow reminds us that there is hope and gives us a small mental dose of vitamin D. ”.

3. Rotation is everything

Merrick also suggests rotating your favorite items based on the season. That means if you have a favorite dress that you wore all last summer, save it for a season or two so it feels new and fresh the next time you wear it. It’s a simple way to give yourself a little joy. On top of that, he also suggests putting together looks ahead of time with the pieces you love in your closet, to help you know what you want to get rid of.

“Take some time to put together 5-10 looks you love at the start of the season,” she says. “This will save you hours of time and effort for months to come, just be sure to document the looks so they are easy to put together when needed.”

4. Being spiritual

While not everyone can get an aura reading in person right now, there are plenty of virtual services as well. Merrick believes that experiencing this directly connects to the colors and styles that ultimately appeal to you. “Get an aura reading, tarot reading, or astrology reading,” says Merrick. “The more you can be ‘seen and experienced,’ the more you can connect with yourself and express yourself accordingly. We are drawn to certain pieces and colors for a reason. I think the color can be used for medicinal purposes. Color is a powerful tool that is used all around us to influence us to make purchasing and life decisions.”

5. Take the time to learn about yourself through your clothing choices

Merrick explains that what appeals to us aesthetically is very important and can actually reveal a lot about ourselves. “Depending on your energy or aura at the time, you may be drawn to certain structures or shapes,” she says. “If your aura is green, you may be calling for new goals, growth, and organization. When this energy surrounds us, we’re probably looking for a nice crisp top and a nice pair of structured pants. Or if we’re feeling rebellious and daring, Magenta could be creeping into our aura and we’re starting to gravitate towards bold abstract prints and statement pieces. Once you identify the pieces you personally like to wear and the things you have in common, you can learn more about what kind of aura you have, and thus improve yourself.”

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