A 16-minute strength and mobility workout

A a good workout begins and ends with a stretch. Often those are the best parts. But what if there was a workout where stretching, spinal twisting, and tension relieving movements not only punctuated the session, but were built throughout? Folks, can we introduce you to mobility strength training.

Mobility basically describes your range of motion and affects how easily you can perform tasks like climbing stairs, shopping for groceries, and generally moving around the world. “Mobility is important because it allows you to function normally through your daily activities,” Vinh Pham, PT, a physical therapist and founder of Myodetox Clinics, previously told Well+Good. “If you don’t have good mobility, you won’t be able to perform activities to your full potential.”

Combining strength training with mobility is one of the best ways to improve your flexibility. “[Both] These aspects allow you to move all of your joints and soft tissues through their full ranges of motion, and this is crucial to building a strong body and avoiding pain and injury,” Strong Nation Master Trainer Renee Pickett previously told her. a Well +Well. And that’s just what this 16-minute workout with Kat Atienza offers.

During the workout, you’ll start with a warm-up with movements designed to lubricate your joints and activate your muscles. But the stretch doesn’t end there. In two sets with three circuits each, you’ll do exercises that strengthen your muscles and expand your range of motion. Take YWs, the first move in the first set. For them, you’re working your lats and other back muscles, as well as your arms, but also opening your chest and shoulders, all of which contribute to good posture.

Other moves include figure-four crunches, which open the hips while working your abs, reverse lunges with a twist to build lower-body strength and spinal mobility, and touch-dog push-ups down, which will strengthen and mobilize your shoulders, while stretching your hamstrings, calves, and ankles. And of course, you still get the pleasure of a cool down with stretches that feature lots of twisting and opening of the spine. Mmmmm.

A workout can do much more for you than strengthen your muscles. Dive into these moves and know you’re doing something amazing for your body, your heart, and your longevity. Now that’s 16 minutes well spent.

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