A Review of the Nano X2 TR Adventure Training Shoes

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With the end of summer visibly in sight now, you may be looking forward to making the most of the remaining warm weather by keeping your workouts outside. Or maybe the philosophy of your movement revolves around the idea of ​​”rain or shine”. If that’s the case, Reebok’s new Nano X2 Adventure Training Shoes ($140) could be the perfect addition to your athletic wardrobe. Constructed with minimal drop and the brand’s signature Floatride Energy Foam – an ultra-comfortable foam midsole that’s known for being soft yet responsive – the training shoes are a great choice for HIIT enthusiasts outdoors (and in the dark!)! interior!) and nature enthusiasts alike. Keep scrolling to learn more about what we really love about this high-performance sneaker.

key specifications

Heel to Toe Drop: 7mm
Template: removable
Midsole: Reebok’s iconic Floatride energy foam
Sole: High traction lug outsole
Weight: 13.25 ounces
Size/Fit: true to size
Colors: 3


  • super comfortable
  • High traction provides maximum stability
  • removable insoles


  • The lacing system must be fully utilized for maximum security.
  • It is not sold in the most attractive color combinations.

heel to toe drop

When it comes to lifting, minimal heel-to-toe drop is desired, as a flatter shoe provides better grip during heavy weight exercises like squats and deadlifts. Generally speaking, shoes larger than 8mm are best for running, while shoes smaller than 7mm are great for cross-training and weightlifting. (Some shoes even have zero lift, but many podiatrists advise against this, as some cushioning is needed to maintain overall foot and body health.) too much, which makes it better for cross-training (particularly outdoors, which we’ll get to in a second).

Photo: Rebecca Norris


Inside the Reebok Nano X2 Adventure training shoes, you will find very light cushioned insoles that are removable. Since you can take them off, you can rinse or wash them by hand, which can help keep your shoes looking and smelling like new, which is always a plus.


The Reebok Nano X2 Adventure Training Shoes are made with the brand’s signature Floatride Energy Foam, typically found in the brand’s running shoes. In that way, it’s an interesting inclusion in a training shoe, but it just goes to show why these shoes are better for cross-training exercises like box jumps, lateral jumps, jump squats, and other exercises that require responsive cushioning and connection. to maximum ground. Beyond its performance, the Floatride Energy Foam is a very comfortable training shoe. With every step, my feet feel supported, stable, and comfortable.


The outsole of the Reebok Nano X2 Adventure Training Shoes is one of the key details that sets these shoes apart from other cross-training shoes. Unlike indoor-only sneakers with flat soles, these shoes feature highly durable lugged soles with grooves so deep you’ll feel stable on any terrain: grass, sand, concrete, dirt roads, you name it.

reebok sneakers
Photo: Rebecca Norris

reebok nano x2 sizing

Based on my own experience, the Reebok Nano X2 Adventure Training Shoes fit true to size. The toe box is roomy, but not too big. While the heel clip does make my feet feel more secure, it’s worth noting that the lacing system needs to be fully utilized for a more secure fit. When these shoes arrive, they come with laces tied through six of the seven holes on each side. While this is more comfortable, opting to lace up all seven holes cements these shoes to your feet. Otherwise they are very easy to remove, not that they fell off in the middle of training or anything, but given how easy they are to remove with only six holes, it makes me think that might be a possibility. So for super high-intensity moves, you may want to strap them in all the way.

Who are they best for?

The Reebok Nano X2 Adventure Training Shoe is ideal for anyone looking for a versatile training shoe that can be worn indoors and outdoors, during high-intensity workouts and more relaxed trail excursions. Although they are designed specifically for outdoor use, I wore them inside my unfinished basement gym and the highly textured soles made for a stable, slip-resistant sweat session.

That said, if pretty colors (or even neutrals) are an essential component of your decision-making process, these may not be the best for you, simply on the style side.

Still, if your goal has been to find a great, sturdy shoe that allows you to move freely and safely on all surfaces, wet and dry, these are a great option.

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