An exercise dress you can swim in? Yes please

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Few things in life bring me as much pure, childlike comfort and joy as wearing a workout dress, which has been my favorite outfit for the past four years. Since I got my first original Outdoor Voices workout dress ($100) in 2019, the sporty staple has evolved into what feels like a million silhouettes, styles, and shades, ultimately rounding out my wardrobe ever since with something to wear. every occasion.

But the workout dress recently got its biggest update yet, IMHO, when bikini brand Kitty and Vibe released a waterproof version of the garment. The Play Dress ($110), which launched earlier this summer, has everything you want in an active dress, including bright and whimsical patterns, the signature short with built-in pocket, and a sturdy shelf bra. Only this time, it can get wet.

Kitty and Vibe, Play Dress — Daisy — $110.00

Built-in bra? Check. Shorts with silicone grippers to prevent slipping? Check. Waterproof material that dries in an instant? Check, check, check. The Play Dress is the most eye-catching workout dress yet, and the daisy print is just icing on the cake.

Available in: Sizes XS-5XL

Yes. The Play Dress is the exercise dress in which you can comfortably swim or at least enjoy a cool dip. Kitty and Vibe took their silky smooth UPF 50 swim fabric and turned it into an adorable swimsuit. wear that can be splashed and dries quickly, perfect for days on the lake, paddle trips and other wet and wild adventures. It was the brand’s first foray into athleisure and I, for one, am not complaining.

As someone who owns possibly a dozen exercise dresses, the Play Dress was the first I was able to submerge underwater, a big deal for someone who spends most of their free time boating, fishing, and paddling. Could I theoretically get my other moisture-wicking dresses wet? Sure, I don’t think technical polyester isn’t waterproof. But the times that I made paddle them, they wouldn’t dry as quickly, often showed “spots” (even when they were just water), and were left soggy and heavy for much of the day.

It’s not the game dress. Since it’s made from the same fabric as the Kitty and Vibe swimsuits, it handles H2O like a champ and dries in a snap, too. Even when I submerged it (the result of a dropped paddle board), it dried within ten minutes of my return to the sun, returning to its original shape and avoiding soggy bottoms in the meantime. After wearing it all summer, getting it wet and stretching it, it has held its shape like a dream. Other competitor brands I’ve used stretch when stepped on and put on. So far, the Play Dress looks and feels like new, wet or dry.

And the details are impressive, as well as being able to swim. Like other workout dresses, the Play Dress features a simple A-line cut with adjustable criss-cross straps in the back. There’s also a built-in shelf bra (something most exercise dresses No until recently), dual pockets, and built-in silicone grippers on the shorts to prevent riding up while walking and swimming. All of this comes in sizes XS-5XL, ensuring everyone has a comfortable dress for swimming and playing.

Suffice it to say I’ll be wearing my Play Dress for the Following four years and hopefully the next four after that. It’s cute, waterproof, and just about the easiest way to get dressed every morning in the summer. If you need me, I’ll be here in my dress, eagerly awaiting the next round of innovations that brands are going to surprise us with.

Play Dress — Goldie — $110.00

The brand took its best-selling vibes (aka prints) and turned them into dresses. This bright orange floral beauty stands out in a sea of ​​LBD and will be your summer uniform.

Game Dress — Ashton — $110.00

You will see stars with the Ashton, literally. Look closely and you’ll see a galaxy of tiny moons and stars printed on the black swim fabric. Perfect for minimalists who want to add a pop of color without going overboard.

Game Dress — Navy — $110.00

This limited-edition print launched earlier this summer as a swimwear and is almost out of stock as a dress. It’s a bit 90s with its spiral grain, get it before it’s gone forever!

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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