An Honest Review of Fifteen All Editors Tried & Tested 2022

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Like most things I impulsively buy at 1am, I found out about Quince on Instagram. The ad targeted God knows I’m a sucker for budget staples that look expensive, and between a Reel of Tabitha Brown making vegan scrambled eggs and a college friend’s birthday photo dump about the pandemic, I discovered my first find of Fifteen: A Simple Cashmere T-shirt I knew would be the cornerstone of my fall wardrobe.

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What started as a search for “stylish yet comfortable basics you can wear on a Zoom call” turned into wardrobe staples. Quince started out offering leggings, blouses and sweaters, but quickly expanded its product inventory. She can now buy bedding, jewelry, rugs, bath mats, and even skin care products, all at affordable and affordable prices.

What makes Quince stand out from the rush of cheap basics is that it puts sustainability and quality front and center (and just because the price points are lower doesn’t mean that this affects quality, ever). . Fifteen conscientiously works with factories that offer their employees fair wages and safe work environments, while keeping prices low by cutting out the “middle man” that most traditional supply chains still have (i.e. sourcing agents, warehousing, distribution, storefront retail costs, and wholesale). ).

Fifteen is also committed to more environmentally conscious production of goods, making sure to avoid as much water and energy waste as possible, and avoiding hazardous chemicals. The brand has even announced that it will implement 100% compostable packaging (including the elimination of single-use plastics) by 2023.

Aside from all the good stuff, every single Quince product I’ve tried has been top quality. Like, on par with the expensive ~stylish~ brands that take up the same space in your social feed. Below are all of Quince’s products that I’ve tried, tried, and loved (a special shout out to their washable silk—I’ve yet to find a competitor that makes easy-wash silk clothing as easy to wear and care for).

My favorite Quince products (so far):

Ultra Soft Performance Tights — $30.00

The meshes we wrote about a year ago as a Lululemon chump are really worth it. I have been wearing them for about two years now and can confirm that they are a very good set of tights for lounging and low impact activities. . I’d say go for a more compressed fit if you’re looking for a tight to get you through a marathon workout or an intense HIIT class, but if you’re looking for a soft everyday yoga pant, look no further. .

Made with a recycled polyester and spandex blend, you get generous 4-way stretch and a high-rise fit that’s down-dog friendly. Plus, its antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties give you a little freedom after a sweatier class (I’ve 100,000 percent gone to Trader Joe’s for a salad after a hot yoga class, and didn’t feel like I was offending someone with my soaked outfit.)

Anyway, I love these leggings. Since they’re only $30, I have three pairs in different colors, but my favorite is the Heather Charcoal. I wear them with the Flowknit Ultra-Soft Performance Cropped Tank ($30), a soft, padded tank that feels like a low-impact sports bra.

Sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: eleven

Ultra-Soft Flowknit Performance Biker Short — $25.00

It’s early September, which means it’s almost time for Princess Diana’s uniform season (ie biker shorts, vintage sweater, sneakers…and maybe a PSL ice cream in hand). , why not?). Another sporty piece that looks (and feels) way more expensive than it should be, this pair of moisture-wicking stretch anti-odor shorts are another favorite of mine.

You know how some biker shorts are too compressed and feel like they’re squeezing the life out of your thighs? Not these. Like the Performance tights, these are soft, stretchy, and form-fitting, but they don’t hold all in. This is definitely not shapewear. That said, they’re great for your yoga class, hot girl outings, and lounging on the couch catching up on the new dragon-y. game of Thrones to show. Cousin? They make your butt look amazing.

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: 6

Washable Stretch Silk V-Neck T-Shirt — $40.00

The washable silk top has entered the chat. I probably have like 20 years worth of outfits to choose from, but that doesn’t stop me from having a nervous breakdown almost every time I have to get dressed to go out. That’s why I’ve made a silk camisole and jeans my fail-safe “going out” uniform. Although I have a closet full of dresses and jumpsuits, 9/10 times you will see me in a restaurant or at the movies in a silk shirt and jeans. This is how I roll.

And Quince’s silk camisoles are *chef’s kiss*. Made with 90% mulberry silk and 10% elastane, I don’t have to worry about the inevitable stains that will end up on this top, because I can (and have) thrown it in the washing machine when I’m done with that. Ella feels chic, goes with everything, and has adjustable straps (which is really nice, especially if you have smaller or larger breasts and are tired of poorly fitting tops).

I’ve washed my silk shirt five times and it looks like I just bought it. Genius.

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: 6

Washable Stretch Silk Blouse — $60.00

And when I need to work harder than a silk camisole, I wear this silk blouse. It’s the top I wear for Zoom calls where I want to look really smart, dinners with outdoor seating, and other occasions that make me feel like I need to “step up my game.”

The washable silk blouse is made from the same material as the t-shirt, so it’s identically soft and luxurious, and you can throw it entirely in the washing machine when it’s time. It’s nice and loose so I can easily tuck it into my pants or wear it for a flowy fit.

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: 8

Washable Stretch Silk Wrap Dress — $80.00

I bought this simple silk wrap dress for my 31st birthday “30th birthday repeat” when I was looking for something that could easily pair with my sparkly Jimmy Choo heels but wouldn’t cost as much as sparkly Jimmy Choo heels. And luckily I could, because I had to wait weeks for it to finally become available again. Falling just above the knee (I’m 5’8”), this wrap dress feels like butter when you wear it and, like all of Quince’s silk garments, you don’t have to worry about ruining it with spaghetti sauce or spilled drink. To top it off, it supposedly nourishes the skin, as its silk fabric contains 18 types of amino acids.

It’s not noticeable because I’m wearing my leather jacket with it, but the dress has simple, flowing sleeves and a snap closure that ensures you won’t flash anyone (unless you want to). This has been my favorite LBD of all time, but the dress also comes in navy blue (hopefully Quince releases more colorful proposals).

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: two

Mongolian Cashmere T-shirt — $45.00

My first foray into Quince: I bought the Mongolian Cashmere t-shirt for myself a couple of years ago and it’s still one of my favorite t-shirts. I usually say “no thanks” to sweater shirts because I think they’re a confusing concept, but this one is really light, perfectly fluffy and fits like a dream. It’s made from 100 percent Mongolian cashmere and has a comfortable, relaxing fit (you can easily tuck it into your pants or wear it unbuttoned—I’ve done both). It has kind of a 90’s vibe to it, so I like to wear it with my high waisted jeans and boots, but it’s incredibly versatile. Pair it with your skirt, shorts, whatever you like.

I wear this top a lot in the fall, it’s great for LA Falls. When it gets colder, I opt for my Quince Shrunken Cashmere Sweater ($70), which offers more coverage (but honestly, it’s not tough enough for real winter).

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: 9

Tencel Jersey Fit and Flare Dress — $40.00

The Tencel Jersey Fit & Flare Dress is Quince’s latest addition to my wardrobe and it served me well this summer. Made from a soft, stretchy Tencel-spandex fabric, this dress has no zippers, so you can throw it on two minutes before you head out the door. Easy, breezy, and beautiful (that crew neck, though), I wore it on a nearly day trip and packed it anywhere I knew it would be warm.

Cousin? It has pockets.

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: 4

European Linen Duvet Cover Set — $140.00

I’ve tried dozens of bedding brands and trust me when I say this duvet cover is a legit rip-off for Citizenry’s expensive clothing line. I’ve been using Quince’s Linen Comforter Set all summer because it’s so breathable (and I get hot at night, but I refuse to sleep without at least seven layers cradling my body) and soft. Also, I love the colors.

Available sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King/Cali King

Available colours: 4

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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