Best New Deodorants: Underarm Innovation Has Been Leveled Up

EITHEROn a sweltering summer day, you don’t just have to worry about sweaty armpits: there are also sweaty boobs, sweaty hands, and stinky feet. Fun! But lately, there have been plenty of solutions to these perspiration issues on the market, and less reason to lose your cool (pun intended) about them.

“The phrase ‘I don’t sweat, I shine’ and the like feed the idea that women are supposed to hide basic human functions and clearly shouldn’t have to: people sweat and we’re all different,” she says. Katie Sturinofounder of mega babeauthor of Body language and advocate for body acceptance. “We have reached the golden age of getting real about beauty and the things we deal with every day without filters. I found that by allowing women to acknowledge that they have sweat on their clothes because of boob sweat, they would feel less alone and more empowered.”

With that spirit in mind, we’ve reached our peak in possibilities for stopping sweat. Until recently, we only had two options in the fight against summer odor: deodorants, which control odor, and antiperspirants, which use an aluminum compound to stop sweat and odor. But now, there are formulas that fight sweat in new ways, deodorants that can be applied virtually anywhere on the body, and enough products to have a complete underarm skin care routine. Let’s talk sweat, honey.

The latest ways to stop sweating

“The purpose of sweat is to help your body maintain a normal body temperature and cool you down when your body temperature rises, which can occur in the environment of exercise, work, stress, or high temperatures, among other causes,” he says. Marisa Garschick. , MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist at Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Centers.

What you may not know is that sweat, by itself, has no smell. It only starts to stink when it combines with bacteria on the skin, which means removing those bacteria is key to keeping BO at bay. And these days, the traditional formulas we’ve relied on to get the job done are facing some serious competition.

1. Acid-Infused Formulas

A new class of glycolic acid-based products that fight sweat through exfoliation. “Glycolic acid can be used to reduce body odor by lowering the pH of the skin and, as a result, reducing the number of odor-producing bacteria,” says Dr. Garshick. “By exfoliating dead skin cells, you can prevent buildup and also help reduce the potential for hyperpigmentation and hyperpigmentation.”

The new Megababe Cream Deo ($14) is made with a 5 percent concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids that block bacteria and prevent odor while evening out discoloration and preventing ingrown hairs. It is very easy to apply thanks to its tip that is squeezed and leaves the skin soft and supple. Then there’s Kosas Chemistry Deodorant ($16), an underarm serum that uses a blend of AHAs to combat BO, soothe and brighten skin, and prevent ingrown hairs. Saltair also recently launched its Skin Care Refillable Deodorant ($10),” which combines pore-cleansing salicylic acid with zinc, algae, and nourishing oils to help neutralize odor.

2. Deodorant “powders”

For a different kind of sweat solution, Kaia Naturals founder Mary Futher (better known on TikTok as (Madame Sweat)) sought out the chalks used by mountain climbers and gymnasts to keep their hands dry. That inspired her to create Kaia Naturals The Sweat. Powder ($35), which can be brushed onto skin where you’re sweating. Finely ground magnesium carbonate instantly absorbs sweat while zinc oxide minimizes chafing and natural antimicrobial apple cider vinegar works to help prevent sweat. Bad smell.

Megababe’s Bust Dust ($16) works in a similar way, using cornstarch to absorb moisture while lavender works as an antibacterial (it also has aloe and chamomile to soothe skin and prevent irritation). Think of these products as enhanced Gold Bond: they absorb sweat and leave you smelling like roses in the process.

3. Antibacterial soaps

According to dermatologists, one of the main culprits of BO is improper washing, if not removed everybody of bacteria and buildup (particularly under the arms), the more likely it is to start to stink. “Remember to properly cleanse the skin in this area to remove buildup and sweat, and use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils,” says Dr. Garshick.

Brands have taken note of this important step to combat bad odors and have introduced products that facilitate proper washing. Megababe’s Space Bar ($8) has activated charcoal and tea tree that detoxify your underarms, Kaia Naturals Underarm Bar ($25) comes with gentle antibacterial benefits, and DuraDry Odor Control Body Wash ($20) is designed to clean your underarms from the inside out in the shower.

4. Armpit “skin care”

“I think [armpit care] it’s the new skincare,” says Futher. “Your armpits are one of the most neglected areas of the body, and yet it is one that can cause you serious discomfort. The smell is not pleasant and there is sweating, but also itching in the armpits due to bad shaving habits. The burning and lumps aren’t exactly fun, and yet people don’t want to spend time or energy on it because it’s something you can’t see.”

With that in mind, we are seeing more and more skin-friendly formulations making their way into the underarm care sphere. Underarm discoloration, for example, is normal and common, which explains why skin-brightening ingredients like niacinamide are increasingly being added to new formulations like Dove Even Tone antiperspirant deodorant ($7). , Necessaire Deodorant Gel ($15) and Dermadoctor Total Nonscents. Ultra-smooth Illuminating Antiperspirant ($30).

5. Full body sweat plugs

Full-body deodorants are also on the rise, like Boscia Prebiotic + Probiotic Freshening Full-Body Deodorant ($25) and Curie Full-Body Deodorant ($14). Carpe also offers a range of “sweat lotions” targeted at areas including hands, feet, face and under the breasts, which use ingredients like silica microspheres and colloidal oatmeal to absorb sweat. “Full body deodorants are designed to address odor in all areas of the body and are often formulated to spread and absorb easily in areas such as the buttocks, under the breasts, back, and neck,” he says. Dr Garshick. “They are often formulated with nourishing ingredients to minimize potential irritation.”

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