Bralette sizes are limited – here’s how to get the perfect fit

me I think anyone who has breasts will agree with me on this: bralettes are a godsend. They’re light, cute, and so much more comfortable than any bra you can find. There is really only one drawback. Unlike bras, where there is a fairly standard sizing system, it can be difficult to get the perfect fit with bralettes. But fear not, that’s where expert advice comes in handy.

When shopping for a bralette, the key is to pay attention to more than just the size on the label. “Size matters, but shape matters more. It’s important to understand how to explore styles and silhouettes tailored to your body,” says Sapna Palep, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and CEO of online lingerie retailer Journelle. “Not all bras or bralettes are the same, and no two women are the same. That’s why when it comes to the simple S/M/L sizing of many bralettes, it can seem limiting for certain size ranges and breast shapes.”

Before putting on a bralette, take a minute to figure out your breast shape first. “If you notice that your bralette is sinking into your breast tissue, this may mean that your breasts are fuller at the top. Conversely, if you notice your cups opening up, you may have less depth at the top says Dr. Palep. “These are just two variations on the breast shaper and it’s important to know yours.” Once you know your shape, you can find the bralette styles and qualities that work for you.

Here’s how to find your way, according to Dr. Palep:

  • For full and round breasts (filled everywhere), try dip triangle shapes
  • For teardrop breasts (fuller at the bottom), try silhouettes demi darling
  • For compact breasts (small cups where you wear your high volume), try dimensional stretch fabrics or contoured padding
  • by wide breasts (padding on the sides), try gently curving the rims and generous spacers
  • For slender breasts (fullness at bottom, not as firm), try shallow demis or fabric overlays
  • For asymmetric breasts (one breast is larger than the other), try stretch fabrics or shallower contour styles

Aside from finding the right bralette for your breast shape, there are a handful of other qualities you can focus on to get a great fit too. “The components that make a great bralette are strong cups, adequate support, quality stitching, and a well-fitting band,” says Dr. Palep. Once you find the right style and qualities that feel heavenly and work for you, you’ll never go back to shopping by basic size S/M/L again.

Now that you have your perfectly fitted bralette, here’s how to pack for your next trip:

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