Brooklinen Birthday Sale: 20% Off Towels and Robes

Your bathing experience doesn’t end when you turn off the water. As you dry off, step out onto your bath mat, and put on a robe, your skin comes into contact with three different materials, and those experiences should be pleasurable. For high-quality towels, bath mats and robes that won’t break your bank, look no further than Brooklinen’s Birthday Sale, with savings of 20 percent.

Brooklinen prides itself on using natural materials that feel soft to the touch and are breathable to allow moisture to escape. They sell directly to you instead of going through a larger retailer, and you can save 20 percent simply by using code “BDAY” at checkout. Shop the most beautiful bathroom pieces from Brooklinen’s birthday sale below.


Linen Robe — $119.00

The Linen Robe from Brooklinen is lightweight and perfect for summer. It’s made from the finest Belgian and French linen and stonewashed for irresistible softness. It is one size fits all and comes in three colors.

Brooklinen Birthday Sale

Atlantic Tunic — $71.00

Made from a cotton and modal blend, the Atlantic Robe is soft and stretchy. It is available in sizes XS to XXL and comes in black and grey.

Waffle Robe — $80.00

The 100% Turkish Cotton Waffle Robe is lightweight, quick-drying and absorbent, making it the perfect after-shower or bath robe. It is available in three sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL and comes in three colours.

Brooklinen Birthday Sale

Super Luxurious Robe — $79.00

Wrap yourself in luxury with Brooklinen’s first wearable item, the Super-Plush Robe. It is made from 100 percent Turkish cotton and comes in three colors. It is available in three sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL.

bath mats

Tufted Bath Mat — $39.00

The Tufted bath rug is extra thick for comfort. It is made of 100 percent cotton with high pile. The bottom has a non-slip treatment to keep it in place.

Brooklinen Birthday Sale

Bath Mat — $28.00

Available in small ($20) and large ($28) sizes, this bath rug is dense for maximum cushioning and features a subtle piping detail that adds elegant detail and brings that spa-like feel home.

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