Can’t stop scrolling? You need a break from social media

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Thanks to the invention of infinite scrolling, social media platforms present an endless loop of highly diverse content: one second you’re watching a funny cat video, the next you’re watching disturbing news coverage. And while most of us know we should take a break from mindless scrolling, it still makes logging out harder than ever.

Endless scrolling is designed to keep you engaged by design. Setting healthy boundaries with your phone is one way to take back control. In the last episode of Podcast Good+GoodPodcast director Taylor Camille sits down with holistic therapist Emma Mahony and tech reporter Jennimai Nguyen to talk about why we can’t seem to stop consuming content.

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“When it comes to scrolling and TV viewing, this has to do primarily with what’s called the dopamine loop,” says Mahony. “Dopamine is a chemical in our brain that is released after pleasure-seeking and reward-seeking behaviors.”

With so much information to consume, it can seem like your appetite for new content is insatiable. “If you were full from eating or tired from exercising, your body will tell you when it’s a good time to stop, but we don’t necessarily get the same signals when it comes to reality TV or social media consumption,” he says. Mahonia.

Emma Mahony, left, and Jennimai Nguyen, right.

Sounds familiar? In this week’s episode, Mahony and Nguyen delve deeper into the cycle of guilt that endless scrolling can create. “If it brings you pleasure, then it’s a genuinely important part of your life,” says Nguyen. “But I think maybe we can enjoy too Pleasure.”

However, before you deactivate all of your social media accounts and go offline, know that there is a balance between going completely offline and overconsumption.

To learn more about finding the right balance with social media, listen to the full episode of the podcast here.

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