Can’t you stop humming the song of the corn? Get These Wellness Treats

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For what seems like forever, “It’s corn!” it’s stuck on replay in our heads. Possibly the song of the summer, the TikTok jingle has brought the masses together, igniting a cultural firestorm of memes, tweets, more TikToks, and of course, real-life songs. Corn is everywhere, it has the juice. (has the juice), and we cannot imagine a more beautiful thing!

If you’re one of the few people scratching your head wondering what corn song we’re talking about, let us explain: corn had its golden moment a few weeks ago, when a little boy melted the hearts of the internet in a TikTok posted by user @ Recess Therapy. In the video, the account’s host, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, interviews Tariq, who adorably exclaims that he “really likes corn,” before listing his compliments (“He’s got the juice… I can’t imagine anything else!” handsome!”. )

After another creator (@Schmoyoho) took Tariq’s cornsilk soliloquy and turned it into an absolutely explosive song (below), the song that has been playing over and over in our brains ever since. It is so catchy. I quietly hummed it on my daily walks and while cooking dinner. In other cases, I found myself singing “A GREAT BRUTO WITH GOATS” to absolutely no one. It must be an earworm and, honestly, it has made us very hungry for corn.

Needless to say, we felt cheesy. Very corny. But if you can’t get hold of a delicious and healthy corn on the cob, we have the best option: corn-themed wellness products. Below are nine treats that will satisfy your craving for that yellow bumpy lump. We can’t promise they’ll get the song out of your head, but we can promise they’re *almost* as good as the real thing.

These corn-themed wellness products also have *the juice*

Otherland, Crisp Cornflower — $36.00

Corn may be the most beautiful thing Tariq has ever seen, but this harvest-scented candle would definitely be the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. smelled. If you’ve ever passed through a cornfield on an August day or ridden in a wagon to go pumpkin picking, that sweet, warm scent you’ve smelled is the star of this candle. Aptly named “Crisp Cornflower,” it will transport you to a sunny fall afternoon, drenching your room with a light, cheesy aroma mixed with notes of golden milk and maple syrup.

Loli, Purple Corn Grains Organic Smoothing + Perfecting Scrub — $32.00

Fun fact: corn is as delicious on the skin as it is on the belly. Purple corn, the star of this scrub, is especially beneficial thanks to its plethora of antioxidants that soothe skin and reverse unwanted signs of aging. Blended with almond meal flour (a natural physical exfoliator), orange peel powder (hello, vitamin C), and hibiscus flour, this wash will “blow away” dirt, grime, and dead skin cells in no time . Use it in the morning to wash your face, or while you’re in the shower singing “It’s corn!”

Corn Huskers Oil Free Lotion — $6.00

Speaking of peeling, take a tip from the corn farmers and treat your skin to this heavy-duty lotion that nourishes even the driest, most chapped hands. The brand itself has been around for over 60 years, bringing instant relief to sad paws when they need it most. Add a bottle or two to your cart—with winter just around the corner (chapped hands, anyone?), you’ll be glad you did.

Opopop Variety Show Gourmet Popcorn Kit — $43.00

Move over, salted butter. Opopop wants you to take your popcorn game to the next level with flavors like Vanilla Cake, Maui Heat, and Salty Umami. The “Variety Show” includes everything you need to get cozy and cheesy at your next movie night. Simply peel and pour the flavored bean packet you want to enjoy into the microwave-safe bowl, heat and enjoy. You will never bite the same way again.

Oxo Good Grip Corn Stripper — $10.00

real corn does it drink the juice, but it can be difficult to eat straight off the cob. Thats why we love this handy dandy corn peeler from Oxo that lets you savor all that juicy, golden goodness without the hassle of gnawing on that big knobby lump. Simply press the Y-shaped peeler down on the grains and watch it spring into action, giving you snackable grains that you can sprinkle on salads, mix into soups, or eat on the side. At $10, it’s a convenient tool every corn lover needs in their pantry.

Beauty Bakerie, Pinch of Suga Lip Scrub — $12.00

The corn plays a more subtle role in this lip scrub, but it’s still there. Look carefully at the list of ingredients and you will find Zea Mays, also known as corn (in this case, corn starch). Its exfoliating formula is brought to life by a blend of sugar crystals and shea butter that work to hydrate lips and remove dry skin or anything else that makes them less kissable. Our only complaint is that the corn It is not one flavor, but is available in sweet peach, strawberry, and vanilla.

Pipcorn, Cheddar Cheese Balls (Pack Of 6)

If there was ever a company that made Corn Song their official jingle, it’s Pipcorn. The company knows a lot about corn, so much so that it’s the backbone of its entire snack business, ranging from classic popcorn to these puffed cheese balls that are the perfect on-the-go snack. The not-so-secret ingredient is traditional corn, which comes from older, open-pollinated seeds. There are no GMOs, no gluten, and no artificial ingredients. Just the good stuff including corn and real organic cheddar cheese.

Williams Sonoma Corn Holders (Set of 8) — $25.00

If you don’t mind all that juice running down your chin, grab a pack of these cute corn holders. They are shaped… like corn! And they’re designed to make chewing on your cob like a hungry typewriter easier than ever. Buttery fingers, out!

Norpro Butter Spreader — $6.00

Tariq’s life changed when he tried buttered corn, and you might too when you use this butter spreader. All you have to do is push on a stick of butter to make it work. The next picnic or barbecue, save your fingers and bring this handy stick with you and raise your corn stake tenfold. It really makes you want to sing, “Look at this thing!”

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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