Cariuma encourages voting with its latest collection

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Whether it is a climate protection campaign with the National Geographic or an alliance with Misery To promote personal care, Cariuma’s collaborations never fail to impress. And recently, the celebrity- and shopper-approved brand launched its new campaign: No Steps Back. In collaboration with Crooked Media, No Steps Back is Cariuma and Crooked Media’s effort to increase civic engagement during this year’s midterm elections on November 8.

To encourage voters to go to the polls, Cariuma produced two different sneakers, which are a derivative of the brand’s popular canvas style. The first shoe, an all-white canvas style, has the words “no steps back” printed in black on the sole. Covered in red, white and faded blue “I Voted” decals, the second shoe reads taller and is more colorful. Although different in design, these shoes encourage people to vote for the future they want to live in, whether they’re passionate about environmental conservation, the future of public health, or reproductive rights.

Photo: Cariuma

Twisted Vote Canvas — $89.00

Covered in faded “I Voted” decals, these canvas sneakers encourage voters to go to the polls. Bonus: the shoes are extremely comfortable and made from recycled plastic. A win win for your feet and the environment.

As if the civic engagement messages weren’t enough, both shoes were handmade with the environment in mind, with the shoes made from organic cotton canvas, recycled plastic and natural rubber.

New styles from Cariuma are known to sell out, and this Crooked Media collaboration is no exception. We recommend grabbing a pair, ASAP.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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