Cotton sportswear is the throwback material approved by professional athletes

meIt’s no secret that retro style has made its mark on sportswear in a major way (looking at you, the Princess Di biker shorts). A classic retro fit, from tube socks to oversized tees, is the envy of the gym these days, both in fashion and function.

Few activities epitomize that retro-inspired feel-good energy quite like roller skating, and like the throwback threads you’ve been seeing everywhere, the sport is having a I laughed moment. Take it from professional figure skater Jasmine Moore, who loves the combination of physical exertion, self-expression and nostalgia she feels every time she laces up. For her, a sports wardrobe that encourages that combination (as well as maximum comfort) is essential.

“My favorite skateboarding memories mostly consist of skating in a basic cotton t-shirt and shorts in my backyard with my favorite playlist until my body gets tired and my soul is satisfied.”

The fabric you constantly turn to? The original staple of sportswear: cotton, due to its quality, breathability, and ability to withstand the occasional tumble.

For Moore, cotton is synonymous with the place where his journey began. “My favorite skateboarding memories mostly consist of skating in a basic cotton t-shirt and shorts in my backyard with my favorite playlist until my body gets tired and my soul is satisfied,” he says.

It is that joy of movement that makes roller skating such an enduring and popular activity. And when it comes to standing the test of time, it’s paired with cotton sportswear.

Read on to find out why this professional athlete goes for cotton sportswear.

1. It is accessible to everyone

Moore’s goal in roller skating, creating content and sharing it with the world is simple. She wants people to know that this kind of physical and emotional well-being is attainable for all the world, It does not matter that. It does not require a certain skill, agility or physicality.

“An exercise routine that includes skating is important to me because leading an active lifestyle often becomes overwhelming having to go to a gym or participate in environments where most people are uncomfortable for a large amount of reasons,” says Moore. “Skating comes with a community of all shapes and sizes who support your efforts to improve beyond your physical appearance.”

And with that sense of belonging, cotton fits perfectly. “My favorite attribute of cotton that plays a role in my fitness journey would be how affordable cotton products are, whether they be t-shirts, shorts, [or] jeans: the fabric exists in a wide range of styles and sizes for everyone to enjoy.” A fit that feels as fresh as it looks effortless? Consider it an all access pass.

2. It is breathable

Before there were all those sweat-free synthetic blends, fitness buffs relied on cotton for a super-breezy workout — and they were onto something, according to Moore. “Cotton is one of the best fabrics for working out because it’s breathable, allows your body to move comfortably, and tends to deal with sweat (which of course is a big part of skating) better than most other fabrics. materials. ” she says.

Whether you’re gearing up for a strenuous hike or hot yoga class (or swapping your workout for a rooftop stretching session), a few sweat-proof cotton basics will keep things relaxed…in more of a sense Opt for an all-day workout dress with built-in shorts, a black bralette, and a throwback pair of breathable socks.

3. It feels like a hug

Comfort is king, especially when working out. “The main benefits of wearing cotton during workouts would be the softness against the skin and the overall fluidity of cotton products,” says Moore. But the feeling is much deeper than that.

Throwing on that beloved cotton sweatshirt is nostalgic in the best way. It’s a mini mood booster that reminds you of where she’s been, where she’s headed, and the things, both tangible and intangible, that are with you every step of the way.

“When I watch past videos of myself skating, I can identify my joy and how present I was in those moments,” Moore says, “but I can also see how much I’ve grown as a person and as a skater. “That’s the feel-good factor of fitness that is never going out of style

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