FitFlop iQushion flip flops provide arch support and comfort

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Raise your hand if you made the serious mistake of choosing a pair of flip-flops for serious walking. Raise your hand, too, if you had to soak your feet in ice water after a long, painful day in said flip-flops and, to this day, have scars between your big toe and second toe. Lesson learned, but that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes, especially in the summer, you just want a comfortable, walkable flip flop that won’t leave you shredded. And until now, there have been *very* few options.

If you’re reading this and nodding in agreement, then you’ll be excited to learn that a flip-flop that solves all of the above problems does it exist, and I’ve been testing it all summer (and using it in various heavy walking situations). Let me introduce you to the FitFlop iQushion ($32), an affordable pair of ergonomic, waterproof flip flops with built-in arch support.

Designed with the brand’s proprietary iQushion midsole technology, these rubber flip flops are easily one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes — let alone sandals — I’ve ever worn (and I try on a new pair of shoes almost every two weeks for work). ). Made with high-rebound air foam rubber, these give you bouncy cushioning that keeps the heel and ball of your feet ultra-supported.

As someone who needs great arch support, I was excited that the iQushion flip flops feature a contoured arch that provides ongoing support and feels like it was custom made for you. Plus, the impact pads on the front and back absorb any kind of shock (and this really prevents any kind of pain you might feel even after walking on pavement or any other kind of hard, unforgiving surface all day long) .

Like I said before, they’re waterproof (take them to the pool or the beach!), non-slip, and so far very durable. And while they offer all the qualities of an orthopedic sandal, they look like something you’d buy at the pharmacy on vacation when you’re in a hurry for sand-friendly footwear. Choose from over a dozen colors and styles. If you like, you can dazzle the straps with sparkly charms for $8 more, or clear straps that have that 90’s jelly sandal style. (Just FYI, I don’t have the sparkly or clear version, so I can’t speak your comfort levels).

And if you’re still wondering how comfortable these are, I’ve made a list of all the activities I’ve done while wearing them. I’ve got…

1. I walked my dogs for three miles
2. I went to the beach and walked the boardwalk for about two miles (also wore them while hanging out in the sand)
3. I cleaned my house
4. I walked around Target for three hours, because Target
5. I visited the park and played with the dogs on the grass
6. She wore them inside the house instead of slippers (because it’s too hot for slippers)

Close to 2,000 reviewers are with me on the comfort factor. “This is my [seventh] pair of Fit Flops, I don’t wear anything else on my feet,” writes one person. Another shopper says, “These are the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned. I have now had three pairs. Due to the great design of the Fitflop these are all day wearable, I have walked miles in mine. Great colors, too.”

Right now, I only have a couple in “Bay Green”, but I’m on my way to buying at least three more.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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