Get This Faux Leather Jacket From Levi’s For Just $30

WWhile we love any excuse to snuggle up, dressing for fall weather isn’t always easy. When the air turns crisp and crisp, it’s time to throw on some layers, but not enough to turn into a swampy, sweaty mess. Jackets are in, sure, but they’re not exactly weatherproof, and most coats are too warm. Your best bet? A stylish leather jacket that’s comfortable enough to keep the cold out without going overboard. And we have only one.

Now is your chance to get your hands on this luxurious vegan leather jacket at a fraction of the normal price. Amazon’s best-selling faux fur jacket, the Levi’s Faux Fur Belted Biker Jacket ($30), is on sale now and based on its cool, stylish look and rave reviews, we’ll be adding it to our carts sooner than later. possible.

With its boxy silhouette, cutting-edge hardware and premium material, this jacket has all the makings of a favorite fall essential. Designed by Levi’s, it features an asymmetric front zipper that looks effortlessly cool over tank tops, t-shirts and sweaters. The details are also impressive: it has adjustable zip cuffs on the sleeves and a removable belt at the hem that you can tie when you want to wear something a little more snug.

Most impressive is its sustainability factor. It’s made from faux fur, yet looks real, giving you all the fashion of a real leather jacket without any animal by-products (or hefty price tag). In addition, it is designed by Levi’s, a brand that prioritizes ethical and ecological production in its entire line of products. From its commitment to reduce supply chain carbon emissions to its steps toward a circular fashion model, Levi’s earns our seal of approval for sustainability.

The reviews are also brilliant. Review the 1,000+ 5-star reviews on Amazon and you’ll find satisfied customers praising its durability, versatility, and quality. One reviewer, Lauren C., wrote that “it’s worth every penny,” thanks to the fabric’s appearance that passes as a real deal.

Another reviewer, Molly W., loves the way it fits. “I’ve been looking for a leather jacket that isn’t too tight or too big, this one works perfectly on fashion,” she writes. “I can dress it up or dress it down. I can wear a hoodie underneath…it’s perfect.”

Get yourself one of these STAT bad boys and don’t be afraid to click “Buy Now” on one of the vegan suede options too.

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