How long can Birkenstocks last? A podiatrist weighs

me I don’t like feet. It grosses me out every time people post pictures of their pedicures or whatever on Instagram stories, like, I’m going to need you to let me know so I can skip your stories for the rest of eternity. This is also probably why I have such strong thoughts about flip flops (and sandals in general, TBH). But as strange as it sounds, I’ve convinced myself that I definitely need a pair of Birkenstocks. Sure, these shoes are ugly, but are they also a little… secretly cute? The W+G team has different opinions on this, to say the least.

So how did this happen? I am still asking myself this question. Have I suddenly become someone who chooses practicality over aesthetics? (I can hear my whole family LOL as I write this). My motivation for living the Birks life isn’t entirely clear, but I can tell you that podiatrists love these shoes. “The bottom of your feet is a very small surface area and supports everything on top of it, so the more we can stabilize your foundation, the better,” says Dr. Cary Gannon, podiatric surgeon and founder of Aila Cosmetics. “It’s like the foundation of your home: you build the foundation of your home on a concrete block because it has to support everything on top of it. So if you think of the Birkenstock as a good base of support, it’s actually an amazing shoe.” “.

And when I asked him if he could wear Birkenstocks to the point where he no longer had this level of support, he said it would be difficult, especially since he can work them out. “I’ve never worn a pair of Birkenstocks,” he tells her. “I’m actually wearing the white ones right now,” she says. (She confirmed this after we got off the phone by sending a photo. This photo also solidified my decision to buy a pair.)

If your Birks are wearing out, the brand offers specialized repairs, including full outsole and heel tab replacements, so you can wear the same pair virtually forever. As a general rule, the company suggests changing soles when you can no longer see the tread patterns, which can help you keep them practically forever. In case you need proof: A deep dive into some online Birkenstocks forums confirms that many people have had theirs for years, and the longest time frame I found was 15 years.

So yes, you can keep your Birkenstocks as long as it takes for them to go out of style…and then somehow come back into style.

When you buy your Birks, make sure you get the correct size. (For foot health reasons). And don’t wear them with socks. (For general aesthetic reasons).

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