How to make neck knots disappear

AAlmost every night, I end up with the exact same problem: my neck is very tight and crampy. Between sitting hunched over my laptop all day and having one too many binge sessions of Netflix, it’s no wonder it’s common. And while I’d love to have a masseuse on call to help work out those knots in my neck, that’s not realistic. Getting rid of that pain isn’t exactly easy—or cheap! There are a super affordable option that helps almost immediately.

Instead, I stick with the next best thing: a tennis ball. The solution seems so ridiculously simple, especially considering aspirin has been my BFF lately. And while it can’t fix bad posture, it can definitely provide some relief until we all finally decide to sit up straight (it’s hard, okay?). This is exactly how to give yourself an epic neck massage at home.

How to give yourself a massage when you have knots in your neck

To give yourself a neck massage with a tennis ball, first find a comfortable place on the floor to lie down. Then follow these simple instructions.

side to side

1. Bend your knees, without putting pressure on your lower back, and place the tennis ball in the groove at the back of your neck.

2. Take a few seconds to breathe, letting the tennis ball sink into the muscle tissue.

3. Slowly turn your head to the right, breathing deeply as you touch a sensitive area. Wait for a few seconds. Continue rolling until your ear is toward the ground.

4. Slowly return to center and repeat on the left side.

Up and down

1. Lie in the same position as the previous move with your knees bent and the ball in the groove at the back of your neck.

2. Instead of turning your head from side to side, slowly bring your chin toward your chest, then return to the starting position. Continue tucking in and lifting up to massage the neck muscles.

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