I can’t take off this biodegradable fleece sweatshirt

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When it comes to fashion, February (and honestly March, too) is a strange month. It is supposed It may be winter, but depending on where you live (and the looming threat of global warming…) February is all over the place in terms of temperatures. One day you wake up to hurricane force winds and snow on the ground. The next? It’s 50 degrees and it’s sunny, spring knocks on your door.

This makes figuring out what to wear not so simple: “Is it going to be cold?”, “Should I wear a jacket?”, “I don’t want to be a swamp creature by noon!” You already know what to do. Dressing for winter when it is supposed be winter but it is Really spring it is not an easy matter.

Although I have no control over the weather or the winter destination of February, do has an easy solution that you can use all year long, regardless of the temperatures. The Aday All Year Sweater ($165) is a transitional masterpiece that feels good whether it’s hot or cold, and it’s also better for Mother Earth than other pieces.

I know, I know, I realize this looks like just another run-of-the-mill zipper. Trust me, it’s not. This temperature-regulating sweatshirt is made with the brand’s latest textile innovation called “Biofleece”, a biodegradable fleece lining (note the acronym) that provides warmth your, not the planet.

See, traditional fleece is made from a blend of polyester (also known as plastic). While some companies have mastered the art of recycling polyester, its manufacture has traditionally been a fossil fuel suction process which is detrimental to the environment. Enter biofleece, a fabric with a smaller carbon footprint. That’s because it’s made from Tencel Lyocell, a fiber made from sustainably grown wood. It’s just as soft as regular fleece, minus the plastic. And when it breaks off from normal wear and tear, any floating particles will decompose in about 90 days.

Then there is the feeling. In my opinion, biofleece is lighter and slightly more breathable than standard fleece. This makes it perfect for those weird transition periods (cough, cough, early spring/late winter) when temperatures can rise and fall in an instant. On cold days, the quarter zip is a great base layer under thick sweaters or ski wear. When it’s hot, it can be worn alone without overheating, or layered over a tank top for a polished, layered look. Pair it with leggings, jeans, a walking skort, your favorite Daisy Dukes – you’ll feel comfortable no matter how you wear it, warm when you want to be warm and cool when you want to be fashionable.

And if the quarter-zip isn’t your thing, it also comes in a modern, cropped outfit that looks so much better than your worn-out college attire. The Aday Like A Sweatshirt ($165) swaps out the zipper for a mock neck that’s instantly chic. Again, you can wear it alone or over another layer for those cold days when you want to snuggle up. But I’m already planning on wearing mine on cool summer nights and brisk spring days when I want a little layering without going overboard.

While the rest of February and March is up to the weather gods, you they can control your destiny of comfort with an ecological sweatshirt that will accompany you from season to season. Pick up a biofleece sweatshirt from Aday and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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