Jennifer Garner’s fall jumpsuit is under $100

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Leave it to Jennifer Garner, the friend we all want to have and the queen of “Oh, this old thing?”, to effortlessly put together an outfit with just two pieces: a jumpsuit (which is currently on sale!) and sandals. Birkenstock. As soon as we saw this photo, we added this Pistola jumpsuit to our online carts and mentally filed this look under “decision fatigue day outfits.” It’s simple, it’s cool, and it’s the easiest outfit to wear when you just can’t stare at your closet anymore.

The day this photo was taken, Garner was away from home in Los Angeles. We don’t know where he was going he, we’re not that stalker, but in this outfit, she could have been doing just about anything. A quick pharmacy run? Yes. Pick up your kids from name the activity? Definitely. Perhaps casually snacking on Instagram or tending to your farm? Also if. That’s how versatile this jumpsuit is, especially this time of year.

September is the Goldilocks of weather. In most climates, heat waves have subsided and there is a bit of a chill in the air. It is Just fine. We’re looking forward to a PSL just thinking about it. (Don’t judge!) While ideal in every way, this not-too-hot-but-not-too-cold weather can make getting dressed tricky. It’s not time to pile on a Lenny Kravitz-esque scarf yet, but chances are your favorite summer outfits leave you a little bare.

That’s where this utility jumpsuit comes to the rescue. It’s a modern mechanical style, with plenty of pockets on both the front and back, so you can ditch a bag while you’re walking or running errands. It’s functional fashion at its finest. Plus, since it’s short-sleeved, you can easily throw on a jean jacket when the temperatures drop without it feeling too bulky.

Best of all, the Garner jumpsuit (we don’t know if it’s 100% Garner jumpsuit, but it looks *very* similar) is currently on sale. Visit Nordstrom to find the Blue Grover Pistola Utility Ankle Overalls at 40 percent off, so it’s under $100!, with every size from extra small to extra large available. However, we bet it won’t last long.

Garner paired her jumpsuit with flashy, silver Arizona Birkenstocks. Aren’t you glad that comfortable shoes are back in fashion? When paired with his ponytail and minimal jewelry, it makes us believe that he really did throw on this two-piece and walk out the door without a second thought. However, when you need a pedicure or it’s too cold to wear sandals, this jumpsuit would look just as stylish with sneakers. (We love the Cariuma sneakers, in case you need a new pair for fall.) Or how about pairing this jumpsuit with a sophisticated block heel? Throw in some statement jewelry and a dressy pair of shoes and suddenly you’re ready for date night.

This jumpsuit is truly a dress-up or dress-up look, making it even more wearable and worth buying. Thanks to our would-be best friend Jennifer Garner for the inspiration. Consider your accomplished fall look.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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