Miranda Kerr Launches Revamped Kora Organics Body Care

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Mirand Kerr believes that skin care should extend from the neck down. “It’s very important to take care of our body like we do our face,” she says. So it was a natural next step for her to enhance and expand the body care offerings of her Kora Organics beauty line.

“I really want to keep my skin as firm as possible for as long as possible,” says Kerr, who turns 40 next April. “I make sure to always hydrate in the morning and at night religiously. For me, it doesn’t matter how late I wake up or if I just gave birth or if I got back from a trip late, or whatever the situation is. I always make sure to do my morning and night routine because you feel so much better when you take that moment to yourself.

Kerr and his team spent two years revamping the brand’s body wash ($48) and body lotion ($55) and also launched the new Invigorating Body Scrub ($60). These new products are packaged in recycled plastics. “Not only can you recycle them, but they’re made from 100 percent recycled plastic,” says Kerr. “We are also a climate neutral brand, which is something we are also very proud of.”

Invigorating Body Scrub — $60.00

This body scrub is packed with anti-inflammatory and brightening turmeric, hydrating rosehip, and exfoliating sugar. Kerr decided to create this scrub after people used Kora’s Turmeric BHA Brightening Treatment Face Mask ($50) on their bodies.

“I actually started using this all over my body and was so addicted to that tingling sensation because it has mint, lemon, and cedarwood aromatherapy,” says Kerr. “I also received great feedback from a dermatologist friend of mine who prescribed this for keratosis pilaris on the back of my arms. And he was basically giving this to people and it was the only thing that helped them with that little problem on the back of their arms. So I thought I might as well do a body scrub version.”

Renewing bath gel for hands and body

Renewing Hand and Body Soap — $48.00

Previously, Kora sold hand and body soaps separately. For the renovation, Kerr decided to make them into one. “I really feel like it’s better for the environment to have a product that’s dual-purpose,” says Kerr. Also, he expanded the ingredients. “We included the cauliflower mushroom, which is basically excellent for moisturizing and protecting the skin. And so when you are cleaning your skin, you have to be very careful not to peel your skin too much. And that’s why this ingredient, cauliflower mushroom, which is actually one of our active ingredients in our Milky Mushroom Cleanse, inspired us to really reinvigorate it. And it also has aloe vera, noni and murumuru. It really cleanses your skin without stripping or drying it out.”

Nourishing lotion for hands and body

Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion — $55.00

“The hero ingredient in this is microalgae,” says Kerr. “It’s so moisturizing without being sticky. And that’s what I love because it strengthens your skin and hydrates your skin, the microalgae, without that sticky feeling. And then the aromatherapy that we use in this is rose, geranium and basil, which is very calming and calming.” And just like the wash, this lotion was designed for both hands and body.

Since the skin is our largest organ, Kerr likes to use organic ingredients to nourish it. Kora Organics is certified organic by Ecocert COSMOS.

“The reason so many people eat certified organic is that there are up to 60% more antioxidants in certified organic ingredients,” he says. “So, with your skin care, you not only avoid using unnecessary pesticides sprayed on ingredients, but you also reap greater benefits. That’s why I feel like our products are getting such incredible results.” Also, they are so soft that he has been using them on her and her children for the entire trial period. “I’m really proud of these products,” she says.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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