Parachute linen loungewear arrived just in time for summer

After a year in sweats, linen loungewear presents itself as a refreshing and welcome addition to my wardrobe. Comfortable clothing has become the official wardrobe of 2020, and brands have consistently stepped up their games, making casual wear luxurious. The new line of Parachute linen loungewear continues that trend.

The line consists of six separate garments that can be mixed and matched for sleeping, lounging, and even walking the dog, in my opinion. Each piece comes in three earth tones: bone, an off-white beige; clay, a dusty neutral pink; and charcoal, a deep gray. The colors create beautiful monochrome looks, but are also neutrals in their own right. They’re made from 100 percent European linen that’s incredibly soft and breathable. If you’re familiar with Parachute’s linen sheets, these feel like that, just with slightly heavier linen to help cover them.

These pieces feel great, but keep in mind that because they’re linen, they’re not exactly stretchy. Be sure to check the size guide and take your measurements for an accurate fit. The lightweight fabric makes them a bit sheer, so the items are best paired with nude underwear. And because they’re linen, they’ll wrinkle really quickly, but keep in mind that “inhabited” leisure wear works in 2021.

My first thought when I saw these pieces was “I hope they are machine washable!” Luckily, they are. Because dry cleaning underwear is where I draw the line. Just machine wash them in cold water with mild liquid detergent and tumble dry low with wool dryer balls ($10).

Buy Parachute Linen Loungewear

1. Superior, $78

Top, parachute linen loungewear

This button-up classic is perfect for sleeping in, but would also look great paired with jeans for running out to lunch.

Buy now: Top, $74

2. Pants, $74


These are the perfect linen pants. They’re nice and comfortable to sleep in, but also look good enough to wear to the beach.

Buy now: Pants, $74

3. Tank, $49

Tank, Parachute Linen Loungewear

Of all the items in this line, this tank is the one I will use the most. It’s the perfect airy t-shirt to look good on incredibly hot days.

Buy now: Tank, $49

4. Shorts, $49


These shorts are so comfortable and lightweight, they’re the closest thing to no pants at all.

Buy now: Shorts, $49

5. Nightshirt, $99

Sleep shirt, parachute linen loungewear

If you’ve been sleeping in an oversized t-shirt, it’s time to treat yourself to a linen nightshirt. It has just the right amount of slack, making it comfortable without looking too big.

Buy now: Nightshirt, $99

6. Robe, $99


This robe is the quintessential summer robe, keeping you covered without getting too hot. It’s great for bedtime, but I can also see myself wearing this robe paired with the linen pants and a cute low heel at a resort. Just keep in mind that if you get the robe in bone, you maybe I don’t want to pair it with a bone top and bottom (Think: that Schitt’s Creek episode when Alexis almost joined a cult, IYKYK).

Trade: Robe, $99

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