Proceeds from Patagonia will go to the fight against climate change

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It’s always a bit nerve-wracking when you find out that one of your favorite brands has a new owner. However, that is not the case for Patagonia, which recently made that big announcement. Its new owner? Mother Earth.

Yvon Chouinard, the 83-year-old founder of the beloved outdoor activities retailer, announced on September 14 via an open letter on the company’s website that he and his family had transferred all ownership to two new entities: Patagonia Purpose Trust and Holdfast Collective. What does that mean? Every dollar that is not reinvested in Patagonia will be distributed as dividends to protect the planet and help fight the climate crisis. That could add up to roughly $100 million each year.

“The Earth is now our sole shareholder,” says Chouinard. “I am very serious about saving this planet.”

During a time when the public is especially aware of how much power (and money) big-name founders have, it’s heartening to see a CEO like Chouinard come forward and take serious action, something he hopes will inspire others. “Hopefully this will influence a new form of capitalism that doesn’t end up with a few rich people and a lot of poor people,” says Chouinard. The New York Times in an exclusive interview.

To whom or to what organizations does the money go? Chouinard tells the Times“We are going to give away the maximum amount of money to the people who are actively working to save this planet.”

Consider all this good news. The leadership and priorities of the 50-year-old company will not change, and neither will the quality of its prized fleece jackets and puffer jackets. The direction of the climate crisis will hopefully change if Patagonia has a say in the matter.

“If we have any hope of a thriving planet, let alone a thriving business, 50 years from now, it’s going to take all of us doing what we can with the resources we have,” says Chouinard. “This is another way we’ve found to do our part.”

In honor of the big announcement, we celebrated the best way we know how: we went shopping. Here are six of our favorite Patagonia products that would be a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. They’ll keep you warm (literally) while giving you warm feelings knowing you’re investing in a company that cares about our planet.

The best of Patagonia

patagonic fleece

Women’s Retro Furry Fleece Hoodie — $159.00

This recycled fleece hoodie is just begging to be pulled on while you’re snug in front of a backyard fire. Double-sided fleece lining, complete with a hood, ensures you’ll stay warm when the nights get intense, while three zip pockets can keep all your essentials close at hand. Quick, someone get the s’mores toppings.

Available sizes: XS-XXL

Available colours: 5

Patagonian round neck shirt

Clean Climb Badges Women’s Uprisal Crew Sweatshirt — $79.00

Keeping with the motto “let’s be kinder to the earth”, this sweatshirt is made entirely from scraps of fabric and recycled bottles. Plus it’s cool, it comes in this 70’s gold colorway and has fun badges along the arm. The dense lining also promises to keep you comfortable on the first chilly days of fall.

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: 1

patagonia t-shirt

Women’s Mainstay T-Shirt — $49.00

Can you ever have enough basic t-shirts? Let’s go with the no. That is, until you own one of every color of this Patagonia tee, because they last forever and look like new wash after wash. I bet you’ll be reaching for this lightweight, relaxed fit tee all fall as it’s perfect for layering. And yes, how did you know? It’s made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Available sizes: XS-XXL

Available colours: 8

patagonia socks

Lightweight Merino Performance Crew Socks — $25.00

There is no need to be shy about your love for Patagonia. Show your admiration with these retro style socks. They’re lightly padded, designed to withstand many miles on the trails, making them extra comfortable to keep your feet warm this winter. Between its remarkable breathability, super-strong durability, and that really cute design, we’re sold.

Available sizes: SL (out of stock in XL)

Available colours: 5

patagonia sweatpants

Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal Women’s Joggers — $89.00

If your sweatpants from the early days of the pandemic have loosened up a bit, it’s time to upgrade. This pair (which is made from recycled materials) features an easy fit without looking sloppy – the holy grail of sweatpants. Our advice? Opt for the gold color of the cabin and rock a full Patagonia look from head to toe paired with the Crew Sweatshirt above.

Available sizes: XS-XL

Available colours: 3

patagonic vest

Women’s Better Sweater® Fleece Vest — $109.00

This wouldn’t be a Patagonia rodeo without a vest now, would it? Patagonia is known for its quilted fleece vests, but we’re currently gravitating towards their Better Sweater fleece vest, which is made from 100% recycled polyester and has that cozy sweater feel that’s great for hot temperatures.

Available sizes: XXS-XXL

Available colours: 4

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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