Reformation’s Brynlee Knit Dress Is So Damn Comfy

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Every summer there is a dress that ends up in my constant rotation. I use it all the time because it’s too good to leave on the hanger. This year, the Reformation Brynlee knit dress ($148) takes this ~coveted~ spot in my wardrobe. I’ve used it at a late night comedy show, a Sunday brunch, couch shopping, a brand launch party, and more. Why? Because it can be dressed up or down, and because it’s knitted, it feels like the dress equivalent of a pair of sweatshirts.

The adjustment

The moment I saw this dress, I was sold. It’s sexy yet practical. The V-neckline is the perfect depth for me and allows me to show off cleavage without feeling like it’s too much for the day. Bonus: It has wide straps so you can wear a bra comfortably. The ruching in the middle accentuates my waist, and the slits on the sides are just *chef’s kiss*. The brand took a normal dress and made it much more fun.

I have the Brynlee in mint green, a perfect pale green with neutral undertones that really does look like mint ice cream. Also available in coffee, a cool-toned brown, and off-white, an off-white. It comes in sizes XS to XL (I take a large) and I love that the site shows the different colors in three different styles: mint green is shown in a size large, brown in an extra small, and bone in a medium. The downside is that the size is quite limited. Most Reformation items end in a size 12, but some go up to a size 24. I wish this dress, and all Ref clothing, had a full range of sizes.


The dress is made from a blend of 45 percent Tencel lyocell, 45 percent organic cotton, and 10 percent spandex. Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees, is lightweight, and has an incredibly soft and silky texture.

“Tencel is a manufactured cellulosic filament fiber. So it’s not grown, it’s manufactured, but it uses plant material, specifically wood pulp as a raw material,” says Margaret Bishop, associate professor of textiles, apparel and business in New York. . The main fashion universities in the city. “Because it’s cellulosic, it has many of the benefits of plant-based fiber, like cotton or linen, the fiber used in linen fabrics. But because it’s made, it has the softness of fiber.” manufactured. So you have the best of both worlds.”

The cotton gives the Brynlee that traditional ribbed sweater feel, while the spandex gives it a nice stretch. This mix makes it the perfect sweater dress for summer. It’s lightweight and breathable so she doesn’t overheat, yet has enough weight to hold its shape so she doesn’t have to worry about wrinkles developing throughout the day.


I can’t stop wearing this dress because it is so comfortable. The fabric is soft and elastic. I’ve worn it from 10am to 1am and felt great all day. It’s proof that you don’t need to be uncomfortable to look good.

I often wear shapewear to soften and absorb, but the cuts on this dress are too low for that. It forces me to wear the dress as is and hug my stomach, and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating at the end of the day (which I love). Instead of shapewear, I make sure to wear a low-cut, seamless pair of underwear that has a loose fit; I don’t want to wear anything tight that cuts me off in weird places or leaves me with unnatural-looking indentations in my silhouette.

Overall the dress is fabulous. I get compliments every time I wear it, and it makes me look (and feel!) great with very little effort. It’s the loungewear equivalent of a dress, and I won’t be taking it off until fall.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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