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From the colorful dresses and hats of the late Queen Elizabeth II to Princess Diana’s little black “revenge” dress, royals have been a source of fashion inspiration for decades. In particular, Princess Diana had some of her most daring looks, helping her rise through the ranks as a fashion icon and global phenomenon. Of all Princess Diana’s outfits, her sporty look was the most remarkable, capturing not only the attention of the paparazzi, but also the admiration of the public. And now, they live forever in memes, fashion accounts, and in our hearts (obviously).

And all for good reason: She was a pro at marrying stylish yet comfortable clothing with functional footwear, and it was not uncommon to see her sporting an oversized sweatshirt, a pair of neon biker shorts (also known as the Princess Diana Uniform™ ), and his favorite pair of sneakers, which usually consisted of dad sneakers or high top sneakers. As icing on the cake, sneakers are a year-round style staple, even when the weather gets cooler and cooler. Goodbye sandals, hello Princess Diana-approved sneakers!

To help you recreate some of her royal looks, we’ve rounded up six of the Princess of Wales’s favorite sneakers that will take you back in time to the mid-’90s.

New Balance 990v5 Core Sneakers Made in USA — $185.00

It wasn’t uncommon to see Princess Diana in dad shoes, and this modern pair will have you recreating some of her most notable looks from the ’90s. Why we love it? New Balance’s 990v5 combines performance and style with its firm, cushioned midsole for all-day support. The shoe features a dense foam collar to cradle the ankle and has a mesh upper for breathability (no more sweaty feet). Pair it with neon biker shorts and an oversized sweatshirt to recreate Diana’s most iconic look.

Reebox Freestyle Shoes — $75.00

High tops were another favorite of the Princess of Wales, and these Freestyle Hi shoes have it all. These retro sneakers feature a bubbly upper reminiscent of Princess Diana’s sneakers and a cushioned sole for maximum comfort. The leather upper wraps around the entire shoe, giving it a clean look and pairing well with athletic wear or a sporty dress. It comes in black, white, and five other fun colors: hot pink, lime green, purple, red, and neon orange.

Reebok Classic SP Vegan Sneaker — $85.00

Another comfortable and fashionable sneaker, the Classic Vegan sneakers from Reebok are versatile and minimalist in style. They’re made with a lightweight midsole and rubber outsole for comfort and traction, and they pair with everything from straight-leg jeans to biker shorts and a hoodie.

New Balance, 530 sneaker — $85.00

Chunky chunky sole. Mesh upper. Absurdly comfortable. The 530 sneakers are the best dad sneakers that are not only Princess Di approved, but are a total workhorse when it comes to running. Breathable mesh keeps moisture and sweat at bay, while silver and white metallic overlays keep feet cool and elevated.

Adidas, Forum Mid Shoes—$110.00

Another tall option, the Forums mimic the kicks of one of Diana’s most iconic looks: Virgin Atlantic’s navy sweatshirt, neon orange biker shorts and long socks. Like her shoes in her ‘fit’, the Forum have black accents and a medium height. A removable crossbody strap keeps your ankles secure, and a coated leather upper keeps your outfits looking luxe. It is a shoe of pure class, like the Princess herself.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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