Sleep better in 2022 with Quince’s washable silk pajamas

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We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so it makes sense to invest in sleep products, including some high-quality pajamas. If you’re used to wearing an oversized t-shirt to bed (guilty), it might be time to treat yourself to something a little nicer, like one of Quince’s washable silk sets. With matching tops and pants, you’ll not only look great, but feel great too: they’re made from Mulberry silk, which is hypoallergenic, breathable and naturally thermoregulating to keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Not to mention, silk feels luxurious on your skin, and what more could you ask for when you’re winding down after a long day?

You may be thinking you don’t want to care for anything silky, but these pajamas are designed for low maintenance. You can throw them in the washing machine in a laundry bag, run a delicate or gentle cycle, and they’re ready for your next use. They are also made ethically and sustainably, dyed without hazardous chemicals, and produced in certified factories that aim to improve working conditions throughout the supply chain.

Fifteen can sell high-quality products by cutting out the middlemen, like department stores, buyers, etc., and instead, the products go directly from the factory to you. Many silk pajamas are over $100, but Quince sets are a steal, starting at $80, which means you won’t even feel bad about adding a second set to your rotation. They’re available in five different colors and tons of different combinations, so you could even splurge and pretty much have one for every day of the week. The only drawback is that it can be even harder to get out of bed in the morning.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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