This spring, I’ll be living in Outerknown’s best-selling jumpsuit

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Unpopular opinion: spring is overrated. Yes, budding flowers and longer days are certainly nice. But my real issue with the season is its temperatures: March through late May, there’s just no consistency where I live (Lake Placid, NY), which makes figuring out how to use it as easy as rocket science. Early in the morning, it’s cold and wintery, but layer up and you’ll be a swampy mess by noon, only to freeze again at night.

This presents a daily dilemma: what do I wear? Sure, I could layer with cardigans and jackets… Or I could throw on this ridiculously easy and comfortable jumpsuit that makes navigating the day’s ups and downs a breeze. Outerknown’s SEA Suit ($168) is the definition of warm enough to handle the coldest of spring mornings, yet breezy enough to keep you cool once the midday heat wave hits.

No kidding, I’ve worn this jumpsuit on least once a week for the past few months. It seems like every time I’m thinking about what to wear, I keep coming back to this simple and cheerful jumpsuit. This is why:

1. It is convenient

I am a sucker for anything convenient. I’ve written about this before: anything that removes steps or leans into the “set it and forget it” vibe will almost always win my heart. This monkey is just so simple. I don’t care what anyone else says about spring – figuring out what to wear when temperatures zig and zag is tricky! But the SEA suit is not. Simply undo the front buttons, step into your relaxed silhouette, and you’re good to go! You’re dressed for the day, equipped to tackle swinging temperatures head-on.

Just be careful: you’ll have to unzip everything to use the bathroom. But the bathroom breaks aside, it’s about as obvious as it gets.

2. It is sustainable

If you’re not familiar with Outerknown, the brand is driven by a commitment to sustainability and creating eco-friendly fashion through fair labor practices. All styles feature ethically sourced fabrics and recycled textiles that are good for you and the planet.

Fun fact: the “SEA” suit in SEA stands for “Social and Environmental Responsibility”, a reminder of the brand’s ultimate goal. This focus on sustainability can be seen in the main materials of the suit, an airy blend of organic cotton and linen with no harsh chemicals or suspicious synthetics, and plastic-free buttons made from tagua nuts harvested from the forest floor. When you’re ready for another style, you can sell it through the company’s consignment store, Outerworn, which sells used Outerknown clothing to keep the circular clothing cycle strong.

If you’re passionate about sustainable fashion, there are few brands as eco-friendly as Outerknown – this jumpsuit is proof.

3. It is as versatile as the temperatures of the season

People say that every woman should have a little black I think every woman should have an Outerknown SEA jumpsuit. She is that versatile and she can dress up or down depending on the occasion (or the weather). Heading to a spring picnic in the park? Put on a pair of white sneakers or high top sneakers and enjoy your ride. Go out for drinks with friends? Roll up the cuffs, add some jewelry or heels and instantly elevate your outfit. Need a quick cover-up? Grab your flip flops and layer them over your bikini for a beach-to-beach bar look.

Those three things, combined with the fact that it truly is one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear, regardless of the temperature, make this sustainable suit a must-have. It’s well worth the price of $168 and guaranteed to keep you cool and collected through spring and beyond.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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