When to Get an Astrology Reading for Maximum Information

CChances are your calendar is already booked with several appointments to take care of yourself (especially if you’re a Virgo): your annual physical, a regular therapist appointment, maybe even a few manicures thrown in for good measure. But for the spiritual among us, there is one appointment you may need to make but don’t know it yet, and that is with an astrologer.

No matter our age, we turn to astrologers because we seek understanding. There is tons of personal information nested in our birth charts, and unlocking this knowledge can lead to lightbulb moments or big pivots. These are the benefits of the lens and the knowledge of the astrologer.

As an astrologer, I can say with confidence that there is no wrong Time to book an astrology reading. But there are key moments in life when we may want a little more clarity as we navigate the path ahead. Perhaps you feel stuck on a certain path or are struggling to make a life-changing decision. These times often align with specific cosmic seasons, and we can be more equipped to handle stormy times with a little guidance from an astrologer.

Here are five particularly opportune times to book a personal astrology reading, periods when you may want the unique guidance an astrologer has to offer.

1. Your birthday

Your birthday is also known as your solar return, when the sun returns to its natal location in your chart. At this time, your energy may feel heightened, and in general, this transit can make us feel radiant. If you are booking with a reader who interprets current transits and your personal chart, a birthday reading gives you the opportunity to learn what kind of energies you will be working with in the coming year. An astrologer could also help forecast any potential dangers or tell you the main issues to watch out for in the coming year. This information can help you manage your energy. Ask ahead of time if they will interpret the transits for your next year to get the most detailed predictions.

2. Your Saturn Return

This is a transit that occurs around the age of 30 and signifies when Saturn returns to its original location in our birth charts. As the planet of karma, discipline, and restriction, our Saturn return may mark a time when we are forced to see our lives more clearly and take a deeper level of responsibility for our actions. Think of it as a cosmic coming of age. Often this cycle of more than two years feels challenging and comes with lessons that help us evolve. This transit can prompt us to search for answers that our charts might reveal to us, and a reading might help make the transition a little less painful.

3. Your opposition from Uranus

Similar to a Saturn return, our Uranus opposition occurs around 42 years. This is when Uranus is in direct opposition to our Uranus natal location. It can be a time marked by a crisis of faith, a struggle in relationships with others, or an internal struggle. Sometimes this is known as a mid-life crisis transit. There is nothing to fear beforehand, but it may be a good time to see an astrologer of this age to immerse yourself in his cosmic plan. Let them know that he would like information on locations related to legacy, spirituality, or any issues that have come up for you.

4. During a “dark night of the soul”

The dark night of the soul can occur at any age throughout adulthood, and is a transformative stretch of growth that is often triggered by a traumatic event. This is a season when your awareness of synchronicities increases, or you suddenly feel dissatisfied with something consistent or stable in your life. You could deal with huge existential questions. This unsettled period is an opportune time to book a chart reading and learn more about yourself. If you can, let the reader know ahead of time that you’d like to better understand your purpose, your gifts, and any specific questions your dark night has unearthed for you.

5. When you’re curious

The last recommendation to reserve your reading is more intuitive, just when you feel inclined to do so. If you have never booked a reading and this curiosity has been growing within you, I suggest you do it! There is likely something your soul is searching for, and it can be amazing to know what has been lingering or has not been identified around your own self-awareness.

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