Why the real celeb workout move is money and time

WWhether it’s Hailee Steinfeld’s abs workout or how Jennifer Lopez strengthens her glutes, as a society we’re fascinated by the way celebrities work out and often want to know the details of how they work out so we can emulate their workout routines. training. That drive is totally understandable, says Mariah Wellman, PhD, an assistant professor of technology, information literacy and wellness at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who has studied celebrity looks and society.

“Celebrities are the most famous and popular people in society,” he says, “so [we may think] if we are able to look like a celebrity, maybe we will get the same attention and adoration in our jobs or in our personal lives.”

Let’s put aside the problems with assumptions about how physical appearance can lead to success and happiness, or that these idealized appearances tend to adopt homogeneous and unrealistic standards of beauty. There’s another problem with trying to embrace celebrity wellness regimens that needs to be addressed: More than just your favorite recipes, skin care regimens, or exercise routines, truly recreating any facet of a celebrity lifestyle takes “a lot of time and effort.” a lot of money,” says Christian Castaño, trainer and managing partner of the famous Dogpound gym.

“It’s impossible to put the same effort into an exercise regimen when exercise is an attraction of your job and not part of your job itself.” —Christian Castano, celebrity trainer

Castaño explains that her celebrity clients have nutritionists, personal chefs, daily lymphatic drainage massages to reduce fluid retention, doctors to keep them healthy, and more. “All of that costs thousands and thousands of dollars,” says Wellman. That customization is quite a privilege that an ordinary person would not necessarily have unless he could afford it, adds Castaño. And celebrities don’t necessarily foot the bill for all of this. “That can come out of a celebrity’s pocket,” Wellman says, “or, if a celebrity is gearing up for a role in a movie or TV show, a studio may even foot the bill.”

At the same time, Castaño points out that celebrities “work like crazy” and that when they prepare for a role or an event, the physical preparation “completely consumes them.” But that’s the point,” he says. “It’s impossible to put the same effort into an exercise regimen when exercise is an attraction of your job and not part of your job itself.”

So while it might be fun or entertaining to get sneak peeks at the wellness habits of the rich and famous, maybe even inspiring, ultimately Castano and Wellman want people to understand that even if you follow a celebrity’s routine to the From the letter, you’re not guaranteed the same results because, as Wellman says, “There are so many moving parts underneath everything.”

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