You will use this moisturizing mask until the last drop

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Of all the beauty gadgets and skincare items I test as a business editor, few fill me with as much pleasure as moisturizers. With perpetually thirsty skin, I’m a die-hard moisturizer constantly on the lookout for something “hydrating” or “quenching.” Serums, moisturizers, night creams, lip balms, specialty salves – if it promises Hailey Bieber’s level of dew, you’ve probably tried it, for better or worse.

But, if I had to narrow it down to my one holy grail product that I use to the last drop, it would have to be Sand + Sky Intense Hydrating Masque ($35). It is so constantly hydrating which has become my go to for instant refreshing several times a week.

what’s in there

Now, if you’re not familiar with Sand & Sky, the Australian beauty brand is all about harnessing the power of Oz’s natural products, so your skin can say, “Don’t worry, mate.” All products feature native Australian ingredients like Australian Pink Clay (a powerful detoxifier), Kakadu Plum and Emu Apple (which are loaded with antioxidants), and Fermented Sea Kelp (great for elasticity) that are better for the body Y planet Earth.

The star of the Intense Moisturizing Masque show? Fresh Tasmanian Spring Water fortified with minerals to strengthen and nourish the skin barrier. Like the famous French hot springs or the icy glacial waters of Iceland, Tasmanian spring water is literally packed with skin-pH-balancing goodness (i.e. what makes skin oilier or drier). , depending on how it fluctuates). That’s because, as Rachel Maiman, MD explained earlier, spring water (whether thermal or cold) has to pass through various layers of rock and sediment, picking up minerals as it flows.

“The most common soluble minerals found in thermal water are calcium, bicarbonate, silicates, iron compounds, sodium and magnesium salts, sulfur compounds, and metals, along with trace elements such as selenium,” he said. “Many of the minerals in thermal water also appear to have antioxidant properties, which some studies suggest help neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.”

Photo: Sand and sky

But these aren’t the only hero ingredients: Sand and Sky’s Intense Hydrating Masque is also loaded with two other mega-moisturizers loved for their skin-soothing superpowers: Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane. Surely you have already seen hyaluronic acid somewhere in your medicine cabinet: it is approved by dermis to retain moisture in the skin. As for squalane, it is a humectant that also locks in moisture while keeping skin plump without clogging pores. Together, these two are practically a swimming pool for your face, only their hydration lasts well beyond the first splash.

because I love it

As you can imagine, all of these ingredients feel great on the skin and actually hydrate it. But what keeps me coming back is their consistency. like i said i try much of moisturizing products, and I’ve found that while most of them are moisturizing at first, my skin seems to get used to them over time and (again, they *seem*) become progressively less moisturizing.

It’s not the Intense Moisturizing Mask, it has stayed deeply satiating for months, leaving my skin happy and healthy every time I wash. I also love that I can use it in different ways.

Since it is a mask, I mainly use it a couple of times a week to give my face a burst of freshness. I smear it on with the little rubber spatula that comes, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, wash it off, and my face feels like I just dipped it in a real Tasmanian spring.

But I what’s more I love wearing it as a night mask, or what kids these days call “slugging” (which isn’t a new concept in the slightest, but it has a new name, TikTok-ified, and plenty of videos to go along with it). There have been a few times this summer when my skin has gone into SOS mode due to too much sun and salt. In these cases, I rubbed some more of the substance on my face before bed and slept with it through the night and woke up to silky, glowing skin every time. It feels so healthy, it’s no wonder I used it to the last drop.

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These products are independently selected by our editors. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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